1. Initial Consultation
    1. Introduce TD Studio services to client
    2. Meet at potential client’s project site
    3. Assess scope of services, budget, timeframe
    4. Discuss fee structure options
  2. Proposal
    1. Reiterate scope of services
    2. Estimate time for completion
    3. Review fee structure for design consultation contracts
    4. Establish mark-up percentage for purchasing contracts
    5. Submit contract for signatures and request for retainer to proceed with project upon acceptance of proposal
  3. Programming
    1. Establish goals and budget for project
    2. Gather information — lifestyle, style preferences, photos, measurements
    3. Determine furniture, equipment, backgrounds needed
    4. Establish adjacencies for space-planning and allocation
    5. Enter programming requirements into spreadsheet as basis for budget and specifications documentation
  4. Preliminary Design
    1. Develop space plan based on programming requirements
    2. Establish design concept, select preliminary background materials
    3. Illustrate design concept using quick sketches and/or photos
    4. Show space–planning options and revisions as necessary
  5. Design Development
    1. Finalize space plan, material and furniture selections
    2. Price out materials and furnishings, have take-offs of materials done
  6. Contract Documents
    1. Construction drawings
    2. Specifications, material samples, finishes to be matched, and cutsheets
    3. Revise budget and specifications spreadsheet as necessary
    4. Submit contract documents for bidding by General Contractor (GC) and subcontractors
  7. Contract Administration
    1. Client to select GC and execute contract directly with GC
    2. Expedite purchase orders
    3. Issue change orders as necessary
    4. Project management and meetings with GC and subs as necessary
    5. Coordinate delivery and installation of furniture and backgrounds
    6. Final walk–through upon completion and creation of punchlist